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Special- 4 DVD 4 Compact Disc
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Mighty Warrior 2011 Application Print

Please Print~Complete~ and Mail with Enclosures

Dear Young Person,

We have opened our ministry to youth across this nation who feel that there is a God-Call  on their lives. For the past fourteen years, we  have hosted hundreds of youth for FIVE WEEKS every summer. We are dedicated to our purpose of providing a platform, a launching pad, for those of you who are serious about your God-assignment!   Pray about being a Mighty Warrior Student in 2012!  It will change your life FOREVER!   You must be recommended by your local Pastor, and be mature, seeking guidance and information to help you in your future. We will be LOOKING FOR YOU! Call now, 817-366-8982 and ask for brochure, or fill out the attached Enrollment Form.
God bless you!        
Nancy Harmon

We are asking all previous Victory Voices, Love Special Singers and Mighty Warriors to join us for a great week highlighting the lives and ministries of these awesome people, who have once traveled with Nancy Harmon over the past forty-three years. June 26th, 2012 we will be taking Mighty Warriors on a FIVE WEEK TOUR! Over 1600 young men and women have graced our platform, and have been seen on our Love Special TV Program heard weekly over the TBN CHURCH CHANNEL / Directv Channel 371/ Tuesday Morning at 7:00am & our new program out of Atlanta, GA WATC-TV 57 on Saturday Nights at 11:00pm.
Write: Nancy Harmon/P.O.Box 210369/Bedford,TX.76095 for a Mighty Warrior Brochure or email us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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